Grades 7-12

Middle & High Schools (Grades 7 - 12)

A parent/guardian may submit a Middle School or High School enrollment application for a student who:
  • Has just moved into the MSD of Lawrence Township enrollment boundaries and would like to enroll for the first time;    
  • Currently resides within the MSD of Lawrence Township enrollment boundaries, is not currently attending a school within the MSD of Lawrence Township and would like to enroll at a middle or high school within the MSD of Lawrence Township. 
  • Is currently enrolled in Lawrence Township and would like to attend a different school than they have been assigned to.

Secondary Student Transfer Request for the 2021-2022 School Year

The transfer application process for Lawrence Township families wanting to request placement for their student(s) to attend a middle or high school other than the school they are currently attending or are assigned to attend is now openAn email notification regarding placement will be sent within two weeks of request. As a reminder, requests will be placed on a waitlist for placement as seats are available.

6th grade students entering 7th grade are assigned to either Fall Creek Valley Middle School or Belzer Middle School based on their home address
8th grade students currently attending Belzer Middle School will automatically be placed at Lawrence Central High School.
8th grade students currently attending Fall Creek Valley Middle School will automatically be placed at Lawrence North High School. 

Please note: Transportation to and from school is provided is provided to those students attending the school assigned to them based on their home address. Families that select an alternative placement will be required to provide transportation to and from school. 

For more information on school boundaries, click here.
Please email Secondary Student Transfer Inquiry for any questions regarding your students current placement.